Who We Are

The organization looks at ensuring Rights and Entitlements for all children in the spirit of the UNCRC and Sustainable Development Goals. While working in the remotest islands of Sunderbans, the organization has revealed the reality of life situations of the children living in those islands. It has been observed the substantial numbers of children are vulnerable to all forms of abuse and exploitations. They are being deprived of their basic Rights by all means and are used for labor including being trafficked to other locations. Families of these children are left with no options when the traffickers lure them with several offers.

In combating the above circumstances, SWS started intervening across the factors leading these children into vulnerable situations. Several pushes and pull factors came out that compel the children to remain out of school and get into labor force at an early age, being victims of child marriage and trafficking.

SWS started with their initiative by setting up a community based formal school to cater to the Education and Protection needs of the children. SWS has grown over the years and reaching out to more than 1000 children through the school. Apart from providing academic inputs the protection of the children have also been ensured with the direct involvement of the parents and the larger communities.

SWS also has programs linked with Govt. schools focussing on adolescent’s reproductive and sexual health issues, protection from abuse and exploitation and subsequent prevention from child marriage and child trafficking issues.

The organization has been able to collaborate with state and district administration for effective implementation of various Govt. schemes and programs including capacity building and monitoring support.

our goal

Our vision is to touch millions of lives and spread happiness to the underprivileged people. SWS values the innate creativity and individuality. 


Creating a value-based society for women, children, and adolescents towards ensuring their entitlements through Rights-Based Approach by means of enhancing community participation and system strengthening.


Empowering communities and promoting gender equality aligned with Sustainable Development Goals.


  1. To promote Value Based Education among children, women, and youth for Individual as well as Holistic Development.
  2. To provide Capacity Building to various stakeholders and undertake Evidence-Based Research on allied thematic areas.
  3. To work on various other issues like HIV/AIDS Prevention, Child Protection, Child Rights, Domestic Violence, Environment.