Donate in Kind

We are on a beautiful journey of bringing education to the kids of the marginalized society of Hingalganj of the Sunderbans. But this journey would not have been possible without our donors. We are thankful for your continued patronage. Donate to sustain our vigil of educating the kids from the under-served background, who, without educational interventions, would have taken to vulnerable means of livelihood when grown up. We have listed down some requirements the kids and community regularly need. We shall be more than happy to receive an in-kind donation. Thank you for your efforts towards ensuring community empowerment.

You can support the community with:

The cost of education does not end with tuition fees. One needs good books and study materials to grasp the knowledge of the subject. At Swapnapuron Siksha Niketan, we are building our library with a state-of-the-art facility. It will help enrich the students through ages. Donate for the cost of books of the library.

Cost of Library books in SWS School

Rs. 5000/-

Books and accessories are a must for us to study in school. However, most of our students come from families whose income are meagre and unstable. Access to quality education kits will mean a lot towards helping spread quality education among these under-served children.

Cost of education kits for a child for 1 year

Rs. 2500/-

For the holistic development of a child, extracurricular activities are required. He/ she needs to take part in the different cultural/educational/sports event. Sponsor one such event to enable them to come out with outstanding attributes.

Support a school event

Rs. 5000/-

The school needs furniture and maintenance of the same to function properly. But the cumulative cost of arranging for these in the whole school is havoc. Though droplets form oceans and we are thankful that our patrons understand that and extend their donations. Donate for school furniture.

Support for School Furniture, Bench, Boards etc.

Rs. 5000/-