Empowering children through education. Help us brighten their future

The Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society (KSWS) is a non-profit that educates and empowers children, youth, and women in the Sundarbans. We run an English-medium school and offer vocational training programs to promote self-reliance.

Educate. Empower. Community. Uplift. Every time.

Building Dreams in the Delta: (KSWS)

We provide education and empowerment programs, particularly for children, youth, and women, aiming to uplift the community and achieve social change.

Our Vision

Swapnopuron Welfare Society aims to empower, enlighten and engage young minds, propagate quality English-medium education and enable every child of the remote islands of Sunderbans to unleash his/her full potential and emerge as a true victor in life!

Our Mission

Creating a value-based society for women, children and adolescents of the remote areas of Sunderbans, with the aim of ensuring their entitlements through a rights-based approach, by the means of enhancing community participation and system strengthening.

Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society

Our Works

After 13 years in Kolkata, I craved a deeper impact. Leaving formal education, I pursued a dream: bringing literacy and opportunity to the Sundarbans. Starting with one play school, we now have 7 branches, educating 850 children. Witnessing their potential fuels my ambition to open 50 centres by 2026, empowering these remarkable children to dream big.

Sataruppa Majuumdar

Founder & Secretary

Katakhali Swapnopuron Welfare Society

Support Us To..

Ignite Young Minds

Invest in the future of Sundarbans children by supporting our literacy programs.

Break the Cycle

Support our fight against child trafficking and early marriage through education.

Empower Potential

Help us unlock the unlimited potential within each child through quality education.

Build Brighter Tomorrows

Be part of creating a future filled with opportunity for Sundarbans children.

Our Achievements

From a single seed, we’ve grown 5 schools, educating 850 bright minds in the Sundarbans. Together, let’s cultivate even more dreams!

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Our Branches

Bena Branch

Hingalganj Branch

Ganesh Mondal Branch

Shahebkhali Branch

Kalitala Branch

Samsernagar Banch

Ghuni Banch

Support Us

In the heart of the Sundarbans, 850 dreams bloom thanks to you. Invest in their future: fight child exploitation, unlock potential, and empower young minds through quality education. Together, let’s open 50 centers by 2026!

Every bit helps. Donate & build brighter tomorrows for Sundarbans kids.