Women Empowerment

In our endeavour for rural upliftment and community development of the Sunderbans region, we encourage women to participate in different awareness campaigns, development workshops and skills enhancing activities.

Our research and statistics show that women, like children, are equally oppressed and vulnerable to various social ills, gender discrimination, abuse and violence and wrong belief systems. Due to the lack of awareness & strong executive reinforcements, women are deprived of their Rights and Entitlements and become victims of gender discrimination.

To help create awareness and initiate sensitization, we continually hold community meetings and orientation sessions.

Our vision is to start entrepreneurship development among women from a weaker socio-economic background by empowering them to be self-reliant and help other women achieve the same.

With more and more women becoming empowered, we will not have to worry much about the next generation of women.

We also intend to focus on health and nutrition rights, gender equality, and financial literacy among women to strengthen communities.