We are on a beautiful journey of bringing education to the kids of the marginalized society of Hingalganj of the Sunderbans. But this journey would not have been possible without our donors. We are thankful for your continued patronage. Donate to sustain our vigil of educating the kids from the under-served background, who, without educational interventions, would have taken to vulnerable means of livelihood when grown up. We have listed down some requirements the kids and community regularly need. We shall be more than happy to receive an in-kind donation. Thank you for your efforts towards ensuring community empowerment.

Elementary Education Programme

Our school began as a pre-school in the year 2012. Our original thought was to turn it into a formal education centre, empowering the community and providing a brighter future for the children in the Sundarbans. When “Swapnopuron Shishu Niketan” was founded in 2012, the English language was our primary focus. Eventually, a formal educational framework emerged, and regular classroom instruction began, which encompassed disciplines such as social science, mathematics, storytelling, arts and crafts, etc. On any given day, we have around 250 students in our classrooms. The school operates six days a week.

English as a medium of Empowerment

As an integral part of our primary focus, we give more emphasis on communicative English and children of class 6 – 10 regularly attend English Learning Sessions. Our motto is to make learning fun and interesting. So, the motivation ‘to learn’ is there – ensuring almost zero dropouts. English proficiency in schools in the Sundarbans empowers children to overcome barriers and access a world of opportunities. By introducing English as a medium of instruction, students gain access to a wider range of educational resources, improving their academic performance and preparing them for higher education and careers beyond their immediate surroundings. English literacy also enables children to navigate the digital landscape effectively, connecting with online platforms and global networks of support. Communication skills are enhanced through English proficiency, fostering confidence, leadership abilities, and active participation in community initiatives. Moreover, English fluency enhances employability, offering a competitive edge in the global job market. To ensure successful implementation, comprehensive teacher training and collaboration with local communities, NGOs, and government bodies are crucial. Embracing English proficiency in the Sundarbans empowers children to break free from poverty, contribute to society, and create a brighter future.

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